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    Don't allow yourself to be scammed

    Don't allow yourself to be scammed by these crooks. They will charge you nearly double what you would pay to a reputable seller.. Then, if the show is postponed, they will not provide a refund. I bought tickets for a particular show on a specific date (when out of town guests plan to visit). Now that the show has been postponed, and I have requested a refund, they have refused. They explained to me that I was mistaken to believe that I had bought tickets for a particular date and that I must not have read the fine print on their website that says once you bought the tickets, you own them.
    To others who have had a similar experience with these crooks, please take the time - as I will - to register a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and local government. It's important that we warn others of the business practices of TicketOffices.com

    Do NOT do business with these scammers. You'll either pay WAY too much, or lose your money completely.

    Folks, there is a good reason that 45% off the reviews for this scam company are average/fair/poor. With 29% of the total being poor. I had a legit reason to request a refund - more on that below. But when I called them I was on the phone for 40 minutes and got bounced around to 4 different people. I was told: We do not refund money under any circumstance. They absolutely suck. Avoid them.

    They sold me tickets at 44% above face value, but at the point of ordering it all looked legit. Then $68 added for a service fee, then $7 fee to EMAIL the tickets. Really? You can be an astute shopper, and even then it all looks legit at the point off purchase.

    So why did I want a refund, which they completely refused to do? Cuz the event I bought tickets for changed to a different event, but happened to include the original individual act as part off a tribute multi-performer act. They totally suck, and the reason there are any positive reviews is that they create a lot of fake accounts then give themselves 5 stars.

    They are skilled at looking legit

    Plenty. Read my story

    No service & Predatory Pricing

    I ordered tickets to a little concert at a small location. The tickets were supposed to arrive the day before. I saw they had not arrived the night before. I worked & had a busy day. I left work early to drive to the venue with my receipt, thinking they'd have a record. The venue had no record. 15 mins before still no ticket. I tried to call but could get through. The IVR said enter order number. I entered it. It asked same question, enter order number. I did. It asked for it again & again. I was trapped in this stupid loop & couldn't get a person. I had to buy the ticket at the front. I found out at that time that they (TicketOffices.com) had charged 4.5x the face value. This is beyond reasonable. I contacted the BBB & the company told the BBB I didn't contact them. Lies! I couldn't get a hold of a person. These guys are shady. Don't forget to contact the BBB & FTC. They don't deserve to be in business; they need to be shut dowb.


    *No service.
    *No faithfulness to their guarantee.
    *Predatory pricing.

    Don't be scammed by this vendor

    These people don't even deserve one star. Venue I purchase tickets for was advertised at $9. Only after I made my payment did the money change from $9 to over $19. Called customer service and a Shenel D. on the other end was rude and said that there was nothing that I could do to get my money back. I called my credit card company to hopefully put a stop payment on this.


    Unethical business practices. Hiding fees behind windows that you cannot access until after you have made payment. Very poor customer service.

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