TicketOffices.com Review: No service & Predatory Pricing

  • I ordered tickets to a little concert at a small location. The tickets were supposed to arrive the day before. I saw they had not arrived the night before. I worked & had a busy day. I left work early to drive to the venue with my receipt, thinking they'd have a record. The venue had no record. 15 mins before still no ticket. I tried to call but could get through. The IVR said enter order number. I entered it. It asked same question, enter order number. I did. It asked for it again & again. I was trapped in this stupid loop & couldn't get a person. I had to buy the ticket at the front. I found out at that time that they (TicketOffices.com) had charged 4.5x the face value. This is beyond reasonable. I contacted the BBB & the company told the BBB I didn't contact them. Lies! I couldn't get a hold of a person. These guys are shady. Don't forget to contact the BBB & FTC. They don't deserve to be in business; they need to be shut dowb.


    *No service.
    *No faithfulness to their guarantee.
    *Predatory pricing.

    By Bill Shurtle on 8 augustus 2019

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