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    Complete Farce

    Do NOT insure with this company - I bought tickets for my best friends birthday for the 1st October at the O2 and sadly her Mother has passed away.

    Paid £11.30 for protection with this company only for them to say that they won’t process the refund - it was just over £500 so the management insisted that I ask my friend for her Mothers death certificate as proof as they can’t take my word for it!! My friend is grieving - how can anyone expect someone to do that? - Completely immoral - I am contacting all possible regulatory bodies - absolutely furious.

    Shameful company

    Filled in all documentation as requested and have fulfilled against terms and conditions. This company is a scam, they give no justification for refusal.


    Unprofessional, uncaring company. Should be held to account for stealing peoples money

    Don’t waste your money

    Ticket Plan terms and conditions demand that you need a signed medical form in order to get a refund - you can’t see a doctors even if you are terminally ill! You have NO CHANCE of getting a refund - so don’t waste your money. Their terms and conditions are impossible to fulfil in the COVID climate.


    Their terms and conditions do not take into account that due to COVID people can no longer get to see a doctor face to face to get a medical form signed. Their terms and conditions need updating in light of COVID.


    If it were possible to give 0 stars I would. They state that they will refund in case of illness I did this as I had a doctors note stating my illness like they required and spent hours filling in their long and arbitrary form and they have not replied even though I paid extra for their "refund protection". It has now been 2 months I sent a chaser email they responded asking me not to send chaser emails so I attempted to call them and then I found out they have no phone number "due to covid" extremely poor service and customer service. I highly recommend never using ticket plan as your ticket provider as they do not care about their customers, only their money.


    Greedy and incopitant

    SCAM! Never go for their insurance!

    How can I give it negative amount of stars? This is a clear scam, cashing on trust, just looking for reasons not to pay, there is nothing about protection and insurance. I am based in continental Europe, all flights are cancelled, borders are closed, embassies are closed so even if I wanted to risk my health and stand in the crowd at the concert I have booked in June, I can’t even get a visa to UK, I can’t get to UK. “We understand you can’t have the documents ready, it’s your problem”. What kind of insurance is this?

    No refund

    I will keep this short. I have paid for refund protection which should mean i can claim for a refund if i am unable to attend. Which it does not. I am now unable due to child care. You need to provide a “reason” to great length and detail. Therefore mine is not adequate to receive my money back. So i have now paid for something i will not be attending. All i got was a sorry. Thanks ticketplan. Stay away.


    You will not get your money back.

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